Real parrot. Rugeles children's poem

Real parrot. Rugeles children's poem

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Sing lollipop It is a poetic book written by the Venezuelan peota Manuel Felipe Rugeles. The author wanted to dedicate this work to children, reflecting in his verses the beautiful reality that nature encompasses. A free poetics that establishes links with the aesthetic.

In Guiainfantil We have chosen the poem of the Royal Parrot so that you can teach it to your children and that they have the opportunity to recite this beautiful poetry of an author who left a great legacy in terms of children's poetry.

Oh my little parrot

royal parrot!

Oh my little parrot!

let's talk

but not from Spain

nor from Portugal.

How many words

repeat now

with amazing


The neighborhood

want to hear

your repertoire

not to finish.

What shape you have


Others love you

hear sing

The paraulata

and the cardinal

Y Dove

of the loft.

The blonde bee

from the apiary

the green pine

and the orange grove

Oh my little parrot!

How green you are!

Author: Manuel Felipe Rugeles

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