Books on First Aid for Infants and Children

Books on First Aid for Infants and Children

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Parents can and should learn how to treat minor injuries or how to react to an accident that may occur to their children. Quick and adequate care you can avoid bigger problems like infections.

In books you can find some accident prevention techniques produced at home and in leisure moments, and that at the same time solve the doubts that many parents have about first aid. How to heal children's wounds.

This manual is intended to help and update families and child caregivers with the latest advancements in first aid. Prepared by a specialist team, it explains in a practical and simple way the aspects to take into account and the concrete steps to take in certain situations that may arise when caring for children.

This book summarizes years of b. Structured as a guide to common conditions and ailments, it is advised which stones should be used in each case and the most appropriate use for the correct treatment. It also includes a dictionary of the most common stones and their therapeutic application and which ones are essential to have a small and effective home medicine cabinet.

Children can get into accidents. Some are not very important; others, on the other hand, could put their lives in danger. In this book you will find tips to help you know what to do in the case of different emergencies related to children: what preventive measures must be taken to avoid domestic accidents, what symptoms occur in each case and how to act in each of them.

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