Robin Williams' legacy to children

Robin Williams' legacy to children

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Jumanji, Ms Doubtfire, A Night at the Museum, Hook ... There are people who cannot let go of the boy they were and actors who enjoy playing children's films. In case of Robin williams It is one of them. In his passage through the world of cinema, he has left dozens of films for children, either as a main actor, as a supporting actor or as a voice actor in animated films.

Robin williams It has made us laugh, cry, think and imagine. His films are full of imagination, fantasy and of course, fun. Who has not laughed with the occurrences of the 'Mrs Doubtfire '? Who did not fantasize and return to take out the board games after seeing 'Jumanji '? Who did not stop looking at the statues and reproductions of museums in the same way when seeing 'A night at the museum'?

There are actors who leave their mark, and Robin williams left a very large one. Thousands and thousands of children have laughed with him. They have let their imagination run wild. They have searched for boxes that were treasure chests. They have dressed as Peter Pan. Thousands of children have dreamed of making a wish to the wizard of 'Aladdin', without even suspecting that it was the same actor who put his voice in 'Happy Feet' and played the crazy crazy professor 'Flubber'.

From the image of 'strange' and crazy family man in 'Mrs Doubtfire ', even the frenetic adventures of 'Jumanji ', where reality crosses the fine line that separates it from fantasy. He was a robot not without human feelings in 'The bicentennial man', and President Theodore Roosevelt in a museum where they all come to life after midnight.

He voiced characters from animated films, such as Aladdin, Happy Feet or Artificial Intelligence. His characters, comic, dramatic or philosophical, always share that same ingredient that great comedians and clowns use: a sometimes sad and always complicit look and an eternal smile.

- Hook (1991)

- Aladdin (1992)

- Toys (1992)

- Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

- Jumanji (1995)

- Jack (1996)

- Flubbert (1997)

- The Bicentennial Man (1999)

- Artificial Intelligence (2001)

- Robots (2005)

- A night at the museum (2006)

- Happy Feet (2006)

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