Fathers also grow their guts during pregnancy

Pregnancy, in terms of the changes it causes in the mother's body, does not take its toll only on women. This is the result of a study conducted in Australia.

Dads also get fat during pregnancy. The researchers at the Flinders Medical Center, responsible for the study that has analyzed 300 men, between 18 and 40 years old, for three years, found that on average, men gained 16 kilos during the pregnancy of their women. In addition to this study, a survey conducted by the advertising company Onepoll, which interviewed 5,000 men, reveals that 20 percent of men said that during their partner's pregnancy, they had eaten much more.

41 percent said they used to eat more between meals when they were at home, and 25 percent confessed that they ate more 'so that their wife would not feel so bad about gaining weight during pregnancy. Pizzas, chocolate, chips and beer are among the favorite 'pregnant parents' cravings.

It is one thing for pregnant women to crave high-fat foods and need to eat between meals, or consume for medical recommendation about 300 additional calories daily to meet your baby's nutritional needs. Normally, a woman gains about 15 kilos of weight during pregnancy. And also, it has a baby inside.

Another thing is that their partners also need to eat and gain up to 6 kilos to their normal weight. In addition to being supportive of his partner in gaining weight, the father also gained weight because he was tempted to eat everything his wife ate. In addition, they ate more because of the stress of future parenthood. Both the study and the survey confirm that pregnancy has an impact on women and men, not only on body weight but also on mood swings, stress and other disorders, and that health services should pay more attention to future dads. Not only for themselves but for the impact that their behavior has on the health of the mother and the baby. Once the baby was born, only a third of the parents followed a weight-loss diet with their partner.

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