29 weeks pregnant

29 weeks pregnant

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The last trimester of pregnancy begins and at this stage you will live the pregnancy week by week with greater intensity. You are in week 29 of pregnancy and the changes in your body are already very evident. The development of your baby enters the final stretch, in the growth stage itself and your belly will not stop growing, which can cause you some discomfort due to the weight of your abdomen.

There are only 12 weeks left to finish a journey of 40 weeks of pregnancy in which you will experience the arrival of your baby with emotion.

Due to your baby's growth, starting at 29 weeks of pregnancy, you will notice that you are gaining weight day by day and that you have more and more belly. The increased volume of the abdomen can make you feel more clumsy of movements and also more tired and fatigued.

To feel better in the final stretch of pregnancy, you should lead a calmer life, decreasing your level of daily activity (work, housework, exercise ...), avoiding excessive efforts, taking frequent breaks whether you have to remain seated (try to get up every hour for about 5 minutes to stretch your legs), or if you spend a lot of time standing, (it is advisable to sit and rest with your legs up periodically).

And don't forget to respect rest, especially at night, sleeping about 8 hours a day. If the urge to urinate or postural discomfort interrupts your rest, avoid drinking fluids before going to bed and lie on your side with a pillow between your legs to alleviate the strain on your back.

It is normal for your feet to swell due to fluid retention and you begin to gain about half a kilo per week. You should pay special attention to taking care of your skin, hydrating it at least twice a day to prevent stretch marks, which can appear more easily in the 29th week of pregnancy due to the stretching of the skin due to the growth of the baby and weight gain .

Your baby is 29 weeks pregnant, measuring 35 centimeters and weighing 1,100 grams. Inside the uterus, the fetus is only comfortable with the arms folded over the chest and the knees up - a position that it will maintain until birth.

The development of the baby in the 29th week of gestation is characterized by rapid brain growth and maturation of the nervous system. From this moment, the baby's thermoregulation system begins to function independently, that is, it acquires control of its body temperature.

There are other interesting changes, too. Until now, the red blood cells in the baby's blood were formed in the spleen. From now on, this function will be a responsibility of the bone marrow (as in the adult). The number of bronchioles and alveoli in the respiratory system and in the reproductive system grows, the testicles descend to the scrotum in the boy, while the girl already has 5 million oocytes.

The bones are fully developed, but remain soft and flexible. The skin begins to turn pink and smooth. The vermix (whitish substance with protective function) continues to increase. The hair begins to lengthen. And also, the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste) are in an advanced state of development. In fact, the eyes show the pupillary reflex when stimulated by light. You can already open and close your eyes, however, sight is the only sense that you will not be able to experience until you are born. In the womb there is darkness, although it is possible that very powerful light enters and a small reflection reaches it. Your baby already has eyelashes.

From now on, the baby's movements inside the womb may be reduced due to the smaller space, but you will notice his kicks with greater intensity.

It is time for a new prenatal visit, you are entering the seventh month of pregnancy. Go to the doctor if the swelling of the feet passes to the face, if you do not notice the movements of your baby, and you feel more than five contractions in a row.

As of this week, it is convenient to reduce the risk of being in contact with teratogenic products that could compromise your health or that of your developing baby. For this reason, follow a healthy and varied diet, do not consume any alcohol or smoke, avoid consuming any type of drug, or take any medication without first consulting with your doctor and avoid radiation areas, as well as exposure to chemical products, as insecticides or garden products.

Regarding emotions, pregnant dreams are frequent. In this stage, dreams are made of the things that most concern the future mother: childbirth, the birth of the baby, the sex of the baby, life with the baby ... You should know that all these sensations are normal and that the fundamental thing is that you ensure a good rest.

Due to the rapid growth of the baby in this stage, do not forget to include foods rich in calcium such as milk and all its derivatives, including yogurt and cheese, and iron in your diet.

Keep in mind that the iron that is best assimilated is that which comes from meat and fish. Iron that comes from plant sources (lentils or spinach) is absorbed worse by the body.

However, to better absorb iron from food, do not forget to accompany it in the same digestion of vitamin C, which is mainly abundant in citrus fruits such as oranges and mandarins, kiwis, tomatoes and melon.

At the beginning of the third trimester, the uterus exceeds the navel by 4 or 5 cm and, for this reason, the feeling of heaviness is accentuated. It is also important to include a significant amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet, approximately 50 percent of your total daily intake to ensure a good supply of vitamins and minerals for the development of all your baby's tissues.

The interest begins to know what your baby will be like, what eye color it will have, whether it will be blonde or brown ... All the baby's features are already decided from the moment of fertilization and you have little left to see them. Keep in mind that half of your child's genetic heritage comes from his father and the other half from the mother.

Likewise, it is convenient that you inform yourself about your maternity leave. The mother has 6 weeks of maternity leave that belong exclusively to her. The remaining 10 weeks can be divided by the father and mother as best suits them. You will have to do some paperwork to collect the maternity benefit.

Have you made a list of possible names for your son or daughter? Have you agreed on the name with your partner? In our name guide you will find information about the meaning and origin of names and a lot of ideas to choose the best name for your baby.

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