Medieval names for boys

The sources of inspiration when naming the baby are varied. While some are looking for a modern and current name, others prefer the traditional names. If you want your baby to have a traditional name but with an original touch, you can look for a medieval name.

The medieval names They are attractive names with all the force of tradition and that bring a great personality. They are names that are familiar to us and with very interesting meanings. We have 10 medieval names for your baby.

1. Rodrigo. This name of Germanic origin has a meaning of 'the one who brings the glory'. It is the name of one of the most beloved legendary characters, the Cid Campeador and that is why it is full of strength and personality.

2. Pelayo. It is a name of Greek origin whose meaning is related to 'the one who can choose'. It has a marked medieval flavor for the mythical Asturian king Pelayo and today it is gaining popularity to become one of the most fashionable names for children.

3. Alonso. The name is of Germanic origin and means 'ready for combat'. It is a variant of the classic name Alfonso, but in this version it brings originality and freshness. It is a name with both medieval and literary connotations since it is the name of Don Quixote.

4. Arthur. This name is of Celtic origin and has a meaning of 'Hard as a rock'. It is inevitable to relate him to the mythical King Arthur and it evokes legends of knights. Without a doubt, one of the most suitable traditional names for your baby.

5. Guzman. It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'good man'. In addition to having a strong medieval accent, Guzmán is one of the most attractive names for a boy. We like it because it maintains an original and distinguished touch since it has not been worn down with use.

6. Beltran. The name has a Germanic origin and a meaning of 'bright crow' which refers to the raven that always accompanied the god Odin. This name is one of the most appreciated for children because it has a noble and aristocratic air that prints personality.

7. Gonzalo. It is a Germanic name that means 'willing to fight'. It is one of the most interesting names for boys because of its medieval tradition and because today it still sounds modern and fresh. If you are looking for a classic and fresh name at the same time, Gonzalo is the ideal one.

8. Froilán. The name is of Germanic origin and has a meaning of 'little sir'. Despite being known since the Middle Ages, it was somewhat forgotten until these last years, when it has been revitalized thanks to the fact that the Infanta Elena chose it for her son.

9. Álvaro. It is a name of Germanic origin and means 'noble warrior'. In the Middle Ages it was one of the most frequent names, as evidenced by the large number of Álvarez surnames. Today it is a name with charm and personality, very attractive for a child.

10. Martin. This name is of Latin origin and its meaning is related to the 'war', since it comes from the Roman god Mars. It was a very popular name in the Middle Ages but it was long forgotten until today, which is gaining popularity thanks to the children of the famous.

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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