Symptoms and correction of myopia in children

The myopia It is not a disease, it is an error in the refraction of the eyes. Myopia has the characteristic of not being able to focus correctly on objects and people who are in the distance. When it comes to a close image, myopic people are able to focus the image clearly, but if it is distant they see it blurry. Myopia is a focus-related eye disorder.

Myopia, although it can also occur in adulthood, usually appears at school in children between 8 and 12 years of age, and progresses with age until it stabilizes around 20 years of age. In adolescence, it is normal for graduation changes to occur frequently. The myopic person usually has to change glasses at least once a year.

The importance of detecting visual problems in children early is crucial. Not only to try to avoid possible failures in school performance, but also to avoid future consequences in visual health that if detected too late are irreversible.

While farsightedness is difficult to detect, in the case of myopia it is very easy. Parents and teachers should be the first to be able to detect if a child is nearsighted. These are some of the symptoms that can be observed in a myopic child:

- See bad from afar

- Winks excessively

- It is very close to television

- It is very close to the texts

- Sometimes he has headaches

- Does not see the blackboard well and usually asks the teacher to place him in the first rows

It is very important to correct myopia as soon as it is detected and, through the use of glasses or contact lenses, provide the nearsighted person with the best possible visual acuity.

We must bear in mind the importance of correcting visual problems, especially in children, since they have not yet fully developed the visual system. The development of the visual system is completed at approximately 7 years of age. Until then the visual system is very plastic and can create sensory adaptations to compensate for your poor vision. One of these adaptations is amblyopia or lazy eye, which from the age of seven is very difficult to correct and, the older the child, the more difficult it is, being irreversible when the visual system reaches maturity.

Cecilia Martínez Ordás
Optician - Optometrist
Expert in Child Audiology
Miraflores Optical

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