Denial of pregnancy

Denial of pregnancy

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We once heard on the news the case of a woman who did not know she was pregnant and who went to the bathroom picked up her newborn child, or a woman who went to the emergency room because she thought she had appendicitis and it turns out that she was in labor.

The denial of pregnancy It is a situation in which the woman is not aware of her condition, since many times they do not present the typical changes of pregnancy in their body, some may even continue to have monthly bleeds that suggest the rule.

The definition from the psychiatric point of view of pregnancy denial is “the fact of being pregnant for more than three months without being aware of it. Most women in this situation realize their condition after a few months (6, 7 or 8 months), cases in which we speak of incomplete, partial denial. But in other cases the woman does not become aware of her state until the end, then a complete, total denial is carried out ”.

Women with this pathology do not develop any typical symptoms of pregnancy, so they are not aware of their condition, they do not carry out the controls and care recommended for this condition; and its environment ignores it too.

For those women who have already been pregnant it can be quite an unlikely situation, especially from the month in which the baby's movements begin to be felt, so clearly distinguishable and so different from everything ... However, for women who suffer from this disease movements are interpreted as pain, cramps ...

Well, the cause is not yet known, however everything points to some psychological / psychiatric disorder. Maybe some trauma related to motherhood, with the perception of the body, the body image. Although there is no conclusive cause, since it can affect young and mature women, of any social class, with or without associated psychiatric pathology…. In other words, today the risk factors are unknown.

Most of the cases end well, women welcome their newborn as a gift from heaven; some with remorse for not having realized their condition.

But there are some cases of infanticide that may be associated with denial of pregnancy. They are usually women who give birth alone (without witnesses) and let the newborn die, either by omission of the first care because the denial is so serious that they do not feel that baby as their child. Or the death of the child may occur more directly.

In France there has been an association for the recognition of denial of pregnancy for years: the AFRDG. Its president, the specialist in Public Health Felix navarro She has been researching the subject for some time and collaborating in the knowledge of this disorder, which is not very frequent, but which can have important repercussions on the woman and the baby.

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