Family support for children with cancer

Family support for children with cancer

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I totally agree with who said one day that some gestures say more than a thousand words. Some time ago, my brother sent me a video that portrays this reality very well, in a very simple and clear way. The video was produced by the AFANOC, Association of relatives and friends of cancer children of Catalonia, an NGO dedicated to working for the quality of life and family stability of children with cancer.

Cancer is not just a medical issue. Family support for a child or sibling with cancer has a positive and direct influence on the development and healing process of the disease. The affection, attention and love They are medicines more than necessary, mainly in the long duration and harshness that childhood cancer treatments represent.

When cancer is diagnosed, a period of uncertainties, insecurities and concerns opens that can only be overcome with the support of the whole family, and of society in general. I think we learn much more with children than they do with us.

Values ​​such as generosity, solidarity, understanding and support, reside in their innocence. The video, which I share with you, is moving and exciting. It shows the sensitivity of children to diseases as well. It has been some time since I saw him for the first time, but whenever I can I go back to see him and learn with him. It seems to me always appropriate to remember that family support in any circumstance is essential in overcoming any type of illness. Cancer was not going to be less.

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