Down syndrome in childhood

The Down's Syndrome It is one of the most common genetic defects, it is produced by the trisomy of chromosome 21 and affects the physical and psychological level in the development of children. Although there are common characteristics, the abilities and intelligence of children with Down syndrome vary widely.

In addition to the differences that may exist between children, education also plays an important role in their development. For this reason, it is so important to know all the information necessary to give them the support they need.

In GuiaInfantil we have compiled articles on all the aspects that we must take into account if a child has Down Syndrome, from its detection in pregnancy to its needs and care.

Children with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is an abnormality in the chromosomes that occurs in 1.3 out of every 1,000 births. For reasons that are still unknown, an error in cell development leads to 47 chromosomes being formed instead of the 46 that usually develop. Excess genetic material slightly changes the regular development of the body and brain. Children with Down syndrome.

Early diagnosis in pregnancy. The risk of Down syndrome in the baby can be determined early with the triple screening test and with the ultrasound of the first trimester of pregnancy that measures the nuchal translucency.

Education of children with Down Syndrome. Children with Down syndrome need special stimuli to learn and enhance their abilities. Due to their special characteristics they need a different training.

Having a child with Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome. Emotional video about what it means to have a child with Down syndrome. A humane and motivating message that shows that a child with Down syndrome can be happy like everyone else.

Stimulate children with Down Syndrome. We explain how to stimulate children with Down Syndrome. Down syndrome is not a disease. Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a total or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. Pay attention to these tips on how to stimulate children with this syndrome.

Down Syndrome from A to Z. The Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation has just taken a big step for parents to be more informed about the health and development problems of their children, with the publication of the book 'Your child with Down syndrome from A to Z. A practical guide for parents to the medical aspects of Down syndrome '.

The rights of children with Down Syndrome. What are the rights of children with Down Syndrome. Fundamental rights of children with Down Syndrome. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Sports benefits for children with Down Syndrome. Physical, social and emotional advantages of sport for children with Down Syndrome. What does exercise and sports activities bring to children with Down syndrome.

Sensitivity of children with Down syndrome. Children with Down Syndrome grow up knowing their limitations. They have a cognitive disability, but also great values: a very special sensitivity and a more developed emotional intelligence than many other children.

Sensory stimulation in children with disabilities. Sensory stimulation for children with Down syndrome. In the multisensory classroom, great improvements are achieved in the concentration and coordination of children with disabilities. It is especially suitable for children with autism, language difficulties, deaf, paralysis or visual deficit.

Nuchal fold in pregnancy. The nuchal fold is a region of the neck of the fetus where fluid accumulates in a physiological or natural way. This accumulation of fluid can be seen by ultrasound and is used to detect early suspicion of Down syndrome or Trisomy 21.

Amniocentesis, ultrasound and triple screening. Amniocentesis, ultrasound and other tests are used to detect possible abnormalities or disorders in the fetus. Pregnancy tests will help detect possible congenital malformations.

Therapies with animals in children with disabilities. Therapies with animals for children with disabilities. our site reveals some animals that can become rehabilitative therapists for children with disabilities.

Toys for children with disabilities. The toy plays a prominent role in this practice, but little is known about the most suitable toys for children with a visual, auditory, motor or intellectual disability. Here we leave you a list of the best toys for children with disabilities.

The 10 best sports for children with Down syndrome. What do certain sports bring to children with Down syndrome. Sport is essential for all children, but each sport brings a number of benefits.

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