How to teach children to compete

How to teach children to compete

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In childhood, as in adult life, it is full of competition, but as a child this type of competition can stress children and more if parents do not teach them properly to compete.

Children compete for others to see how capable they are and all they can get. They compete in school daily for better grades, compete in sports or compete in other fields, there is nothing wrong with competing as long as healthy competition is always encouraged.

Competition is good for everyone if you really know how to do it, because competition motivates and makes children want to achieve better results, knowing that they are capable of achieving it.

If children are taught to compete properly they will see that teamwork and values ​​are essential to be able to do it correctly. Competition can teach valuable lessons too about sportsmanship, the importance of preparing to be good at what you do, how important it is to follow discipline and values.

You must remember that healthy competition does not include at any time parents who yell at their children in a game because they do not do it as they expect, parents who try to live through their children their frustration of not having been more in life, parents who are sadly disappointed after a competition if their son has not been the first (with the terrible consequences of self-esteem that this can generate for the little one), ignoring the most important thing: his son did everything or possible.

We all want our children to be the best, but you must accept the fact that they will not win everything and that winning and losing is within life, something that offers very important lessons. If you want some advice on how to teach your child to compete, you should take into account the following aspects:

1. Explain the importance of doing your best. Doing your best and being the best are totally different things. Doing your best is always going for 10 even if the result is better, being the best is something that charges the little one with guilt if he does not succeed. Remember that doing your best is what really matters.

2. Preach by example. Children learn through what they see and what they hear, and they will also try to imitate you. If you also always try to do your best, your children will also follow in your footsteps.

3. Be clear about family values ​​at home. Make it clear to your child that cheating is not accepted to win.

4. Focus on the effort and not the result. Don't focus on whether you win or lose. Focus on how your child has worked to achieve the best result. And of course don't judge him.

It is very important that you remember that not all children want to compete and be above others, instead, all are capable of doing their best.

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