The fruits that cause more allergy

Fruit is one of the foods that cause the most allergies in children. But among all of them, there are some especially allergenic fruits.

We tell you which are, among all, the fruits that cause the most allergies in children and what types of treatments exist for children's allergies.

Peach, melon and kiwi are the plant-based foods that cause the most allergies in children. Specifically, about 8 percent of children under 4 years of age and 2 percent of adults in Spain suffer from an allergic reaction to these fruits, according to data from the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEIC).

Experts say that food allergies are the most frequent cause of assistance for anaphylaxis in the emergency services of hospitals. It also causes a clear decrease in the quality of life of the patient and an increase in both health costs and absenteeism from work or school.

Food allergy is closely linked to sensitization to certain pollens, as they share common allergens. This is what is called a cross reaction. Six out of ten people who are allergic to pollen may have secondary symptoms after eating associated foods.

Those allergic to plant foods often have an oral allergy syndrome, with swelling of the lips and itching of the throat and ears, although in some cases reactions can occur, which can lead to anaphylactic shock.

Although for years, the only treatment for food allergy consisted of avoiding the food that caused the reaction, it is currently possible to overcome it thanks to new desensitization treatments, which are carried out in some hospitals, and which consist of offering the child small doses of the allergen in question, in this case the food that causes allergies, so that your body becomes tolerant to it.

This treatment is achieving positive results in 90 percent of the children treated and, for a few years, it has been applied in a growing number of Spanish hospitals. Its application is personalized and must be carried out by a specialized medical team.

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