Andy. Poem with rhyme about childhood fear

Andy. Poem with rhyme about childhood fear

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Rhyming poetry is very helpful in conveying messages to young children. In this case you can use it if your child has nightmares or fears at night that prevent him from sleeping.

The protagonist of this story is a boy named Andy. He cannot sleep because at night, he sees a giant dog watching him in the closet. Will the child be able to free himself from his fears?

The boy in bed

I slept dreaming

than a giant dog

is bothering you.

Inside the closet

is watching you,

the very restless child

wake up screaming.

His twin brother

is asleep

next to her in her bed

the turn is given.

Your sleeping parents

they hear him scream,

and running, hurry

they go to his bed.

What's wrong Andy?

What makes you sleepy?

a very big woof woof,

it scares me very much.

They open the cabinets

they look on the ground,

under the bed,

You see, there is nothing, heaven.

The child looks at them

with great grief,

the dog is there,

he looks at him, how scared!

His parents hug him

with much tenderness,

they know that the child

suffers torture.

When spending a while

falls asleep,

his parents sigh

the dog is gone.

His twin brother

look surprised,

What has happened?

What have I missed!

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